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Ramin vassighi

Ramin Vassighi

1. Why Archangel Gabriel was selected to bring the revelations to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)?

2. Download of all verses of Quran that begin with "Our Lord" (Rabenna)

3. What is Islam and its foundations? (this is the graphical article. Part of speech that was given in interfaith sessions in numerous academias and places of worship.  It will address the incorrect teaching of Islam and its pilars in all US academia and places of worship)

4. How to stay on the Right Path? (Graphical Article)

5. Dot  (Graphical Article. A thought provoking lecture presented to  scholars)


1. Download Chronological Order of Quranic Surahs.pdf

2. Understanding the Islamic System to Face the Challenges of the Twenty First-Century [A Muslim Scholar’s Response to Contemporary Questions
An interview with Dr. Muhammad Fanei Eshkavari ( in 1999)
Translated Edit from Persian By: Muhammad Sarwar]

3. 7 Reasons to Read the Glorious Qur'an (by Shabir Ali (