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In The Name of GOD, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful was created to bring the righteous scholars point of views to the world. It is our intention to invite you to the unfiltered truth about Islam. If you are interested in politics, we suggest that you seek an alternative websites. All Scripts are sacred and all human on this magnificent planet are children of the GOD . 

We are following teaching of the pronoun scholar Dr. Mohammad Ali Ansari, Professor of Religious Studies and literature at Ferdosi University. He teaches Quran by roots of the words in each verse and their different meaning, acompanied with the history of the verses, and different scholars points of view. These interpretations are results of 45 years of studies of all scripts and specifically Quran.  We are blessed to obtain MOBIN DVDs, from Oxford University, England, which is translation of the Quran by Dr. Ansari.